Maksheyfe Besalel


My art centers gender heuristics, ritual spaces, and the dichotomy of illness/wellness. My favorite subject is the body under duress. I work primarily in fibers, cut paper and traditional printmaking, emphasizing iterative processes of crafting and mending.

Rae Drotleff


Hey I’m rae! A multidiciplinary artist specializing in textile based work. My lived experiences as a gnc person living in sparse america influences much of my work. As well my work is part of celebration, open for commissions!

Rex Chutkan


I make work that’s very emotionally driven and tend to focus on expressing very particular emotions and ideas. I work with a broad variety of media but digital art aside my primary mediums are acrylic, oil paint, and pen and ink!

Emily Marcovitz


My art is currently an intuitively guided expression of hope during this pandemic. I have been making circular shaped patterns of intense color and pattern that are taking over my living space. My art cards are the joy that I find in the outside world.

Cohen Colvett


I am a yarn and fiber artist. I crochet freehand and do not use other people’s patterns, meaning every item is original and unique. I make dolls because of their physicality as a comfort object, with a goal of making people happy.

Kelly R Snyder


For me art is about creativity, spontaneity, and self-expression of the heart. My creative process often involves working on multiple pieces at once, moving from inspiration to inspiration, listening to my inner guide. Some pieces are playful, while some may be about healing.

Jhulie Costanza


My photography is mainly centered on architecture. I portray living spaces occupied by complex, self-relying communities abandoned and looked down on by society. In my digital illustration I play around more with aesthetics without taking myself too seriously.

Auden Granger


I am a paper collage artist living in Chicago working with found materials. My work focuses on language, mental illness, disability, and creating identity. 

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