Maksheyfe Besalel


Maksheyfe’s art centers gender heuristics, ritual spaces, and the dichotomy of illness/wellness. His favorite subject is the body under duress. He works primarily in fibers, cut paper and traditional printmaking, emphasizing iterative processes of crafting and mending.

Rae Drotleff


Rae is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in textile-based work. Their lived experiences as a gender nonconforming person living in Sparse America influences much of their work. Their art is also part of celebration of intersections in identity, and they are always open for commissions!

Emily Marcovitz


Emily’s art is an intuitively guided expression of hope during this pandemic. She has been making circular shaped patterns of intense color and pattern that are taking over her living space. Her art cards are the joy that she finds in the outside world.

Pinchas EL Segal


EL’s artwork is centered around queer and Jewish imagery with a heavy focus on ornate and symbolic detail. Their current body of work is inspired by their love for Jewish culture, spirituality, and personal expression. They are also a Scorpio and a competitive maximalist

Rex Chutkan


Rex makes work that is very emotionally driven and tends to focus on expressing very particular emotions and ideas. They work with a broad variety of media but digital art aside, her primary media are acrylic, oil paint, and pen and ink.

Jhulie Gagliano


Jhulie’s photography is mainly centered on architecture. He portrays living spaces occupied by complex, self-relying communities abandoned and looked down on by society. In his digital illustration they play around more with aesthetics without taking himself too seriously.

Tyto Ronnie Phillips


Tyto (occasionally known as Ronnie) is a portraitist and character designer with a burgeoning love for typography and a collage artist’s sensibilities. His work primarily centers Black people, however he more broadly wants to expand the representation of all people of color in media. Through judicious use of color and a heavily symbolic compositional style, he seeks to combine his love of fairy tales, legends, horror, comedy, and pop culture into stylish, eye-catching illustrations and designs.

Kelly Romano Snyder


For Kelly, art is about creativity, spontaneity, and self-expression of the heart. Her creative process often involves working on multiple pieces at once, moving from inspiration to inspiration, listening to her inner guide. Some pieces are playful, while some may be about healing.

Cohen Colvett


Cohen is a yarn and fiber artist. Ve crochets freehand and does not use other people’s patterns, meaning every item is original and unique. Cohen makes dolls because of their physicality as a comfort object, with a goal of making people happy.

Auden Granger


Auden is a freelance theatre technician and artist working in Chicago who also makes paper collage from found materials and text. Eir collage work tackles themes of language and communication, mental illness, disability, and constructing and coming to terms with identity.

Max Römmelt


Max is an illustrator working on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, and his main focus is using body horror to explore the complicated relationship people have with their physical forms, often dealing with themes of body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria.

Isabella “Sable” Williams


Sable is a digital cartoonist, comic artist and writer. Some of their favorite subjects and influences are mythology, religion (particularly in relation to her background as a queer Catholic), fashion, and fantasy worldbuilding!

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